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Amiya Patanaik (AKA Amiya, Ghazini) is tagged as a geek with an incredible sense of humour by his fellow friends. He hails from the small town of Bhubaneswar but spent most of his childhood in Calcutta (or Kolkata as it is known now). Was the dumb duck in the class as per his primary school teacher, confused between ‘b’ and ‘d’ and horrible in spelling. His mother spent a disproportionately large time on him as he struggled in his earlier classes. His incredible patience is attributed to long study hours with almost no progress during these days.  What made him different was strong liking to know how things around him worked. His parents say that he used to build small toy elevators and motors when he was a child. With that he developed a strong liking towards science and equally strong abhorrence towards other subjects. He has this strong character of doing what he likes with ease and struggling in what he hates. He may be the only guy who struggled in Sanskrit giving the excuse that he has the memory of a flying bee and cannot remember anything. Till this date he struggles to remember things. That’s why his friends started calling him Ghazini after the blockbuster movie became popular. Naturally he dreaded subjects like social studies and languages. So much so that he literally burned his Hindi textbook after his high school!  He did most of his schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) as a result has friends from all over India and is conversant in Hindi and prefers to talk in Hindi even with his fellow regional friends.

Dad with hamara Bajaj in Bhubaneswar

He moved back to Bhubaneswar after his 5th grade. Bhubaneswar was a bit of shock to him as he moved out of colony life to an independent house. Life went on quite well, so did his struggle with Hindi and Social Sciences. During this time he got his first personal computer which must have cost his father a fortune given the prices of PC at that time. This may be considered the best and most productive gift he got. He started playing around with C, C++ and learning about this incredible technology. Somehow he managed to score decently in his high school.

This marked the start of mad race towards IITs as it is quite common in India. But in his case there was no parental or social pressure, rather it was his dream to be able to pursue something he loved; a trend that has been lost in Indian society for many years now.  After high school he moved to DAV school which is a renowned private school. Although the teachers there were below par when compared to teachers from KV they had a bad itch to teach. The continued school life did provide discipline but was more of an irritation as he wanted to study more for his entrance exams. The head teacher (Miss Jemma) was hopeless with him as he continued bunking classes and sitting in the last benches when in class. He was asked to kneel down in the assembly many times for that reason (of course he never actually did as Miss Jemma was quite light and unable to force him)!  The moment of truth arrived with the results of (IIT) JEE screening test being declared – he did not make it. Dodged it by one single mark! With this started the big question “should I try once

Me and bro - Kolkata

more”. For him it was not an option it was the only way, and with it started one year of preparation. Eat, Study, eat, Study, eat, study and then sleep that was the everyday routine. In this routine he forgot to study one thing – Girls. He never actually realized that there is a different species called girls may be that was for a greater good. Finally he cracked the JEE – a moment he cannot forget ever. His heart almost jumped out of his mouth as the computer screen struggled to show the result over a super slow dial up connection. Although successful that day he realized that failure may not be something that is easy to handle.

With this started a new life, probably the best days of his life.  It started with moving to Kharagpur – a small village 130 Kms from Kolkata.  For a guy who actually never stayed away from home this was a big step. He settled in a Hostel called Meghnad Shah Hall of Residence (MS). It was amazing, all around him were brilliant students, the classes were incredible the mess food equally horrible. The bond between friends was stronger than what favicol can manage. Every day was filled with fun and new experience. The wing was like a family – Kathel, Gupta and Monkey were the closest. They used to study with Himesh Reshamiya’s tera tera – tera surooooor songs playing in the background.  It was awesome, yet the first year was very different from the next three years. First year he used to spend very little money (papa’s hard earned paisa). Ate in the mess and when mess was off went to Tikka where a dinner cost less than 20 bucks. He also attended classes, studied regularly and went to Netaji auditorium to watch movies where the sound was so low that students had to shout the F word every now and then to make any sense of the conversations. By the end of the first year he realized to score you don’t have to attend classes and studying for ten days before exams is sufficient. With this grand realization he moved to the senior hall – Azad hall of residence, the most dreaded hall. With this started a new era – Kathel, Gupta, Jha, Goldy, Aimen, Bacha, Dau and Pumba the (CGW or C block Ground floor West wing) wing mates. The three years were packed with fun and new experiences, experiences that changed his perspective towards life. The bonds of friendship are so strong that he cried when the time to part came.

The Wingies - CGW Azad Hall

Job life - me, jha, Feroze

Office Hyd - Piyush, me and others

Job life started and he thinks that time cannot be so colourful and enjoyable ever as it was in those four years. Amiya is currently in Singapore doing his PhD in Computer Science. He is a “pure” non-vegetarian and an atheist under all
circumstances (even before exams). Tends to analyse everything logically and is highly philosophical, lives in the present mainly because of his poor memory. He is selective when it comes to making friends but if he considers someone as a friend he’ll do anything for him. Sadly he does not have a girlfriend as girls are repelled by his personality.  Britney is his favourite singer and would marry her if she agreed. Watches a lot of movies (around 200 per year) and can sit on a computer for hours, likes swimming and talking with friends on wide gamut of topics.

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