Many say that science and religion have a lot in common. Few may go even further and say science and religion are two different perspective of looking at the same thing!  Saying religion and science are compatible is like saying Religion and Plumbing are compatible. Science is not a thing - it's a verb. It is a rational way of analyzing natural observation, which works  on the principle of working out a model or theory to logically describe a phenomenon and then testing it out to verify its credibility. While science has taken us to a point never before imagined, it still is far from answering some of the most important questions in life; and this is where religion creeps in. Religion is purely based on blind believes and personal biases. When science follows from facts to conclusions, religion does exactly the opposite - here are the conclusions find facts to support it!  Religion is the most divisive and dangerous ideology that mankind ever produced which is  systematically protected from criticism from within and without. To quote one of the most inspiring figures in history

Its much interesting to live not knowing than to have answers that are wrong - Dr. Feynman

The cartoon shows why I make a point not to engage in arguments with the theists... (some lines in the article are taken from public talks by Dr. Sam Harris)


Intelligent conversations between atheists and theists

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