Where should I go??

Over the decade India has undergone a magnitude of change that is difficult to comprehend. In an already diverse country the spectrum of changes happening is simply mind boggling. In a country of billion, there are a billion different dreams in a billion different directions. As the tearing and shearing forces increase in magnitude due to the tidal forces between the rich and poor, the educated and the ignorant, the motivated and the unmoved, we are stuck in a point in time where how we respond will decide our future. Dreams are what shape us and passion is what drives us, but what if these dreams are not ours and consequently we are no longer passionate about them?

The (dis)advantage of being in a country like that is there is a hunger to move ahead – the hunger can be (easily) quenched when one follows a particular direction. Suddenly one is more interested in money as a matric of success and a degree as a means to fame.  One is more interested in what thy neighbours think than what the heart says. Consequently there is an explosion of a generation that blindly follows what the society tags as right. The innocent dream of a child is slowly and meticulously coerced and before the child loses his innocence his dream is no longer his. There is so much unnecessary pain, unhappiness and suffering because we are in a blind race where everyone is running and the only reason one is still running is because he sees others run and no one has a clue what the run is for!! So its time we stop and think what is that we want? Once the goals are locked in we can passionately follow them because happiness is ever fleeting and is derived not from achieving the goals rather through the journey that took us there. To conclude

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. - Andrew Carnegie

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