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On December 30, 2010, in Gallery, Photoshop, by Amiya

Get your face to a better place...
Level: Intermediate

Isn't it fun to cut someone's face and fit it somewhere else. With Photoshop this can be done with so high meticulousness that it's impossible to figure out that it is fake. So let's start and get your face to a better place. I will start with this funky looking photo of my friend and move his face to the photo to the right. The photo is taken on a poor quality web cam (which is quite evident). So if the effect can be applied to this photo I believe it can be applied to any other photo.

Open the original photo in Photoshop. Duplicate the
background and then delete it.

Now chose the eraser tool (E) with large brush size. Start erasing everything but the face. You'll have to change brush
size and zoom in and out (Ctr ++ and Ctr+-) frequently to accurately preserve the face.

Now open the photo to which you want to move the face (mine is bday.jpg). Now use the Move tool (V) to move the face to target photo.

A new layer will be created name it "face". With this layer selected press (ctr+T) to select transformation tool. Ensure
that you maintain aspect ratio to avoid distorting the image. Adjust image size and angle to match the original picture.

Now we must blend these two layers smoothly. Make sure the layer "face" is selected. Go to Image->Adjustments->Match color. This tool allows you to match the color of selected layer with the source layer you define. Source should be the picture we want to edit. Layer should be original background, apply the settings. The picture may look
desaturated at this moment don't worry. You may need to experiment at this level if the final result isn't convincing by applying match color to the background layer.

Now select the color replacement tool (B). Press the Alt key and select skin color from the original background I have
picked color from the neck area of the background layer. Apply it to the face layer. You will see that "face" layer
smoothly blends with background layer.

This picture is good but doesn't look cool. The spectacles looks odd! So lets convert them to stylish sunglasses. Now
select normal paint brush tool. Set color to black opacity to 50~60% and paint the glasses black. Increase the opacity
to 100% and draw some beard.

The shirt looks a bit plane lets add some style to it. Create a new layer name it "shirt", set the mode to color.
Now select the custom shape tool (U), choose a nice shape. Draw the shape on the new layer "shirt". You may need to
move the layer using the move tool (V). And its done. just what the doctor ordered...My friend had put this photo on
Orkut and baffled everyone!

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