Collateral Shit

On September 3, 2010, in India, irregular, by Amiya

Hypothesis: Shit is disgusting, Everybody Shits; ergo everybody is disgusting!

The collateral shit Kalmadi is going to dump will spare no Indian including Sardar ji!

The logic is surely flawed somewhere because we all know that everybody is not disgusting. What prompted me to write on this (shit) topic is the transition from good old lota pani to toilet paper. Now that I'm on it I thought who's shit is going to affect me personally and one answer came up - Suresh Kalmadi, who incidentally is a proud marathi manoos. This man is the modern avatar of King Midas. With his Midas touch he is blessed to turn anything into shit. The fact that the earth upon which this great man walks has not turned into shit is evidence that god may in-fact exist.  Such is the caliber of this man that he is said to have led the IOA into bidding for the 2018 Olympic Games! With 80,000 crore already being spent on shit that can make the Al Burj look like a splinter on the face of earth what is bothering me is the collateral shit this guy is going to dump. If we rewind the wheel of time a few decades back Indians were not amongst people the world ever cared about. Our status and projection on the outside world was no different than what Uday Chopra has on film critics and the general audience. It took years and work of many great people to change the perception of India and the Indian. I am proud that many of them are alumni of IITs. It took ages to build brand India so much so that now we are even able to dream of competing with the US and becoming a super power. And there comes this guy who is about to blow so much collateral shit that even Tide and Surf both combined may not wash off for decades. What worries me even more is that Africa conducted events as big as FIFA and IPL so well that it would put the developed countries to shame. I just wish somehow the CWG goes smooth and while it is on the stadiums don't crumble, the foreigners don't get raped in the metros and the rain gods take a leave. A. R. Rehman instead of composing the theme song should have come up with a prayer that all Indian should sing in unison to save us from humiliation.

Finally no matter what happens, once CWG is over Indian Government should restrict Kalmadi to work only in few institutions where his true potentials will be utilized like Sulabh Shauchalaya, Municipal Corporation of Delhi: Sewage Pumping Station or as Rakhi Sawant's maid.

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