The inequalities of gender

On August 5, 2010, in Society, by Amiya
Women are superior to men

Understanding women...

Of all the things God created the one he could never understand completely is woman, may be because it was a woman who created God himself. Women are a complex creature and being lucky enough(?) to be incarcerated within a man's body I can dare to speculate some of it. It is interesting to note the various manifestations of goddesses in the Hindu religion - Mahadevi, Durga, Saraswati, Sri Lakshmi, Parvati, Kali, Mahavidya and Navadurga. It is amazing how so many completely different facets materialize in the same body. May be women symbolize power; pure, unsullied and unbiased towards good or bad, light or dark. The same power can create cosmos as well as tear it apart. Given the immense power women represent it is surprising that a large percentage of them are suppressed and women in general are considered to be the weaker sex. The society is still a male dominated arena and women have to strive to mark their presence. This leaves me perplexed as to how the all powerful women is struggling or is she?

May be we are looking at it all wrong. I realized the society is all like an express highway filled up with vehicles all around, these vehicles represent men; look all around it is all filled with vehicles, so does it mean the roads are dominated by vehicles? Behind every vehicle is the driver, I don't have to tell you what that driver represents. The role of women is hidden, her powers camouflaged. Behind every dominating man is a compromising woman. The society is held in place on her shoulder. Freedom it is said comes at the highest price and the price is being paid by women. While the struggle for equality between the sexes continue, I say the  two sexes are never equal. Although the divide is not between the weaker and stronger or oppressed and the oppressor as it is said everywhere, but between the better and the worst. Women are a superior race compared to men. It is their superiority that lets them tolerate the other sexes inanity. In their greater mind they are where they are for the sake of everyone. If you say women are weak and oppressed it is not by force rather by choice. It is because of her choice you are living in a better world so next time you see a woman thank her for what she has lost for you and respect her choice because the day her choice changes all hell will fall lose.

PS: I am not commenting on weather the current situation is right or wrong I'm just stating my observation. Personally I feel the situation has to change. For that to happen men have to change their attitude, do away with their ego and stop being so feebleminded. And yes I thank my mom for everything I am.

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