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On July 11, 2010, in Faith and belief, Philosophy, by Amiya
Amiya in a let-go mood...

Next four years of my life - My Tshirt says it all...

Life has never been a smooth road. It has its twist and turns and it is the surprises along them that make life - well livable. In many of my soul-searching sessions (it refers to searching for my own soul not my soul partner!) the question that intrigues me the most is - "What is that we seek?". Many answers pop up at different point of time. If you ask me right now - I want a good research career, new friends, a good place to live, I want my supervisor to be nice and I want a beautiful girlfriend. Does that answer my question? Nope! This is not what I want...It is just a means to achieve something. And that something is happiness. We all want to be happy and it is happiness that we seek. but then to achieve happiness why all this farce? Why is it that the guy in BMW may not be happy while the drenched family living along the sewers whom the BMW guy just spared from squashing are happy? You neither need money nor master card to be happy. Sometimes all the material world may not be enough to make you happy and sometimes a gentle smile of an unknown person is enough to brighten your day. A little careful analysis and observation of the world will reveal that its neither money nor happiness that we seek all we want is change. Change is the single thing that never changes. life is all about change, no one can stay in the same platform all the time, good or bad change is what keeps us going. Life stops not when we stop breathing but when we stop to change. This is the reason why suicides are common in the high society because there so less room for change. While it is the same reason why some chose the path of sanyas after achieving everything material. It's not moksha that they were searching for but change. Change could be all that important but it is not always easy. It not always easy to drop all your baggage and take the new road. The reason I am bring all this up is because I am at the beginning of a change. I will be moving to Singapore to seek my higher education. Four years away from home and my friends! Thats a hell lot of change! The greatest change in my life was getting into IIT. That too was a difficult change for someone who never went off home since birth. Then I met my friends - my wingies were the coolest and my wing was the best. Had an awesome four years there...then again when the time to part came all of us wished that we stayed there for another five years doing our PhDs there itself! Then I moved to Hyderabad, spent a stunning year there with some old and some new friends. Again when the time to say good bye came I couldn't help a bead of tear glide through my face. Changes are never good or bad, It is our perspective of looking at them. Make life a more enjoyable experience, embrace the new things in life weather good or bad and break the shackles of past and let go. Memories are lightest yet most valuable thing to carry (even for Ghajini) as for everything else just let go... Print This Post Print This Post
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  • Himanshu Dhiman

    maza aa gaya padh ke yaar…..

  • Srijit

    True Dude. The greatest difficulty is accepting change and learning to let go. And nobody could have put it forth so lucidly as u have done. Sometimes change may seem to be a negative one, but time proves otherwise.

  • Thanks yaroon…

  • Prateek Kathel

    btw cool t-shirt 🙂
    nd of course well written…
    i’ll only say that — Be the way u r and never change irrespective of the transformations taking place..

  • Prateek Kathel

    “Then I met my friends – my wingies were the coolest and my wing was the best.”— an indubitable fact 🙂

  • @Prateek Sale har jagah GRE words ka upyoog… Aise agar kisiko propose kiya to bechari to kuch samajh hi nahi payegi!

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