Thank god Lost didn't end this way!

On May 23rd Lost aired it's season finale and more than 13 million people held their breath anticipating the end. Lost was bold in terms of prime time television, something that had never been attempted on the small screen. The fact that it kept engaged millions of viewers for six long years is awe inspiring. Each episode of it presented new avenues, new questions to be answered and yet none of the episodes ever answered a single question! Every episode was just adding to the pile of questions built by the previous episodes and this made the season finale so much awaited for. But the last episode was a bummer. Although it was a great relief considering that it didn't ended the way many people predicted but it was still a big let down considering it didn't really answer anything. The ending was convincing yet useless more like consultation by Mckinsey and Co. What the hell is that island, the black smoke, the light source and the list just continues. I tried to make some sense out of it by watching the finale again and browsing through other blogs but all went in vein until I stumbled upon a video lecture by J. J. Abrams the creator of Lost which was shot at a TED conference. After watching his lecture on the mystery box I realized what he is all about and what to expect from anything that he creates. What he does is show you a closed box and present a long and engaging story about the magical powers of the things inside it. What keeps you engaged to the story is your curiosity and what makes it so fascinating is your imagination. All that magic is lost the moment you open the box and realize that its empty. So the trick lies in never letting the box open!!! So you will never know what the island was because no one really knows what it is including the creators and story writers of Lost. They just presented you with a box and told you it was Pandora's; little did you realize it was empty because they never let you open it!!

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