Stuck in the village one calls Kharagpur(KGP) , one learns more about movies than engineering. Most of the KGPians have a coherent schedule which includes night outs and sleeping all throughout the day. Those who being in KGP do not follow this are either aliens or a member of ISKON (I agree to an extent both are the same). In fact a study done by a British University (after they were done with all ludicrous sex related studies and surveys) suggests that KGPians do most of the (spiritual, mental and physical) work in the night time. They further study the time spent in different activities after dark. As clearly seen in the results a disproportionately large time is spent on movies.

This makes an average KGPian an expert in the field of cinema and arts, a connoisseur of some sorts. So much so that many of us have denounced the judges of the Academy awards for not considering some of the finest creations of Bollywood.  Out of the many blunders that the Academy awards jury committed I’m pointing out the obvious ones.

A rickshaw wala trying to comprehend the movie after watching it for the 7th time

  1. Gunda – Undoubtedly the greatest movie ever made in the history of cinema. From the director of movies like “charmarati khatiye pe hasina ka balatkaar” and “haseena ka paseena” the legendary Kanti Shah. The movie is a legend. When it was first released in 1998 it created acute shortage of rickshaws as every other rickshaw wala was busy watching the movie several times over. The imagination of the director far exceeded that of any counterpart in Hollywood. It is widely believed by many that the Wachowski brothers (creators of Matrix, released just a year after Gunda) were inspired by the movie. Even the tagline of the movie (Matrix) - "free your mind" was a tribute to the director and writer of Gunda. Three times national award winning actor Mithun Chakroborty gave an exemplary performance. Even the other actors did a commendable job. The dialogs were not only difficult but also incomprehensible for a normal human being to understand and appreciate. Perhaps this is the reason why the jury simply could not fathom the deep thought and ideas that went into the film. Many people spent a lifetime trying to understand the movie. One guy (who goes by the alias greatbong) even did his PhD on it. It is a shame that the movie didn't get the recognition it truly deserved.

    Casino Royale poster is said to be inspired by Deshdrohi

  2. Deshdrohi – The movie sent shock waves all throughout the country when it was released in 2008. It shook the people to their very core (quite literally). The multi talented Kamaal Rashid Khan became a serious threat to the empire set by the other khans. Kamaal Khan who is a writer, director, producer, actor and lyricist is no less than a prodigy. Like many of the great film makers he touched upon a very sensitive issue. Too sensitive for people to crank. This is the prime reason why the movie didn't make it to the Oscars as the jury feared racial backlash and serious trashing from MNS. Nonetheless this does not stop the immensely talented KRK from making a second part of the movie which is set to release very soon. Analysts fear that the movie may have the same effect on the industry as sub-prime mortgage issue had on the economy!

    RGV ki aag is said to be similar to the video tape depicted in movie the ring. Although in case of RGV ki Aag the viewer dies almost instantly rather than after seven days.

  3. RGV ki Aag – This was a sure shot to the Oscars. A very ambitious remake of Sholay. It had more fire power than the 5000 odd nuclear heads that US has combined. On the very first day of screening the theater caught fire! Five odd people (the projector guy and four other staff members) sustained severe 3rd degree injuries and went into coma. Dismally only two people (still alive) could watch the movie completely one being RGV himself and other being Harman Baweja. As RGV is involved in the movie his opinion cannot be considered and Harman Baweja's opinion is like a dog's poop on a flowing sewer. Its as if luck was not in our side. The jury didn't have the guts to watch the movie. When contacted one jury member said and I quote - "Its not possible to eat one's cake and have it too, If one watches the movie he can't come back to this earth bound reality...Asking how the movie is, is like asking how heaven feels, you have to die to be on the other side!" RGV came to settlement with the academy awards and US government on a per view subscription fee, he is promised 100 grand every time his movie is played in Guantanamo Bay. Human rights activists (as well as PETA) have vehemently opposed it.

Although there are many other movies that asks for the spotlight of Academy award I felt these three are the most deserving. It is dis-hearting when men of such caliber don't get the due attention and recognition they deserve.

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