Boredom is the mother of creativity

On May 13, 2010, in irregular, by Amiya
Getting bored in this IT age is something counterintuitive. But the hard fact is I get bored more often now than I used to ten years before when DD1 was the only channel available and Super Hit Muqaballa was the only countdown. It was more exciting to wait for Chandrakanta an hour before its telecast time than to hear the great singers who attend Indian Idol auditions in the hope to resurrect Kishore Kumar from his grave. I need not stress the fact that the more options one has the eisier he'll get bored (that is the reason I don't get bored of looking at pretty girls). As Barry Schwartz explains very well in his lecture "the paradox of choice". Coming to the point, me and my flatmate Feroze recently resigned from our respective jobs and are currently in the notice period. In short we are being payed for warming our seats. To get around the boredom I tried many things including sleeping in the mens' room and reading every god damn post that Khamba wrote! I also wrote essays in the suggestion book on the awful lunch we got in the company canteen. Now the company being located outside the city the next best thing available to eat is human feces. Apparently I was the only one to write a suggestion (now these south Indian people have no sense of taste) So I had to stop writing fearing being spot and shot by the canteen wala. Sadly the company doesn't subscribe to IEEE or Playboy else I would have been engaged for quite a while. This time of extreme boredom reminded me of post mid-semester exams (March 2008) when I shot the infamous movie knife in the ass. Whats more I started this blog trying to moderate the boredom and I am writing this post for the very reason. With my current and past experience with boredom I could safely conclude -
Boredom is the mother of creativity.
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  • Srijit Das

    Liked the Video dude !!!! Really Nice !!!
    Well you are right abt the matrimonial bliss between boredom and creativity. To be honest am bored too.
    But am yet to have that eureka moment :P. Hope its sometime soon

  • Feroze

    I still remember that night when i first Amiya . I was searching house and somehow thru a broker reached his newly occupied flat to be his flatmate . Very soon he let me know about his academics and i was impressed . As an outsider i build an instant trust in him . Coming forward with almost an year with him and his friends , i can say i had the best days of my stay . We are joined by Sumit , Piyush & Bibek who went for his higher studies , all are special ones . Amiya i saw in you all those instincts which is a sign that takes someone so high in life that the world watches them . You are a gem . Thats for sure . I would wish all my very best for all your future endeavours and we all know you will come out with flying tri-nation colors with whereevr you go . We are all probably today more than friends , and just like brothers . Liked this blog most importantly and will love to see more things happening here . Take care . Cheers !!

  • Ravi Kapoor

    I don’t know about boredom but Amiya is surely the GOD of creativity…

  • Bhai.. sudhurijaa. BTW, your dancing talents were pretty much hidden man. Awesome.

    Totally agree with your “boredom is…” quote. Ah, and you should add TPB as an anti-boredom drug.

    Keep posting 🙂

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